Training Instructional Design

Training Instructional Design: Solutions & Projects

Our training instructional design allows clients to implement solutions such as…

  • Training programs and related tools to support implementation of new processes, procedures and professional skills
  • Instructor-led training programs on leadership, professional and sales topics
  • Job aids and reinforcement tools for existing systems, policies and procedures
  • Assessments of skills, knowledge and capabilities in areas such as supervision, management, leadership, sales, customer service, communication skills and more
  • Feedback instruments such as multi-rater feedback tools or 360-feedback
  • Distance-facilitated learning including webinars, group conference calls and learning circles
  • Video-based learning and reinforcement tools
  • Coaching processes and the administrative structures and templates to support wide-spread implementation

Our proven training instructional design process contributed to winning a Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award Bronze Award for “Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program.” Learn more about this project: Case-Evolutionary Learning-Howden Management Mastery.

The Learning Design Process

Training Instructional DesignWhen the performance problem you are experiencing is due to a lack of skills, PPS International Limited provides training. We offer proven training in leadership, team, sales, service and other professional skills. We use a skill-building methodology to create confidence and competence in participants–increasing the likelihood that skills will be used on the job. We can certify your instructors to deliver our programs as well.

But, for those times when a current PPS International Limited offering is NOT appropriate for your audience, we create a custom program for you. Using a systematic instructional design methodology, we build the program that meets your needs. Our methodology includes analysis of the learner and content, design of training strategy, development of learning materials and evaluation of results for improvement: PPS Instructional Design Process

Learning Methods & Blended Learning Solutions

We design iterative, blended learning solutions utilizing learning resources and tools available to individuals in their natural work environment. We have the ability to create a total learning experience that is relevant and motivating using methods to build interaction and engagement such as…

  • Mini-simulations
  • Experiential activities and games
  • Learning circles
  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Sensing journeys and benchmark tours
  • Social media reinforcement and engagement
  • Pairs, triads and wagon wheel or ‘hot seat’ practices
  • Customized role plays, case studies and real plays
  • Structured, interactive guest speaker and panel discussion processes
  • Scavenger hunt activities using existing learning tools, policies, procedures and more
  • Video-based coaching
  • Expert observation and feedback rounds

Example Projects

Instructional Design AreaSample Projects
Needs AssessmentDesigned and implemented Executive Board Needs Assessment for global healthcare organization.
Developed written assessment of training needs for automotive supplier leaders.
Conducted focus group of grocery store department managers and recommended development options to group.
Held a needs assessment meeting with Human Resource Managers on the training needs of supervisors.
Designed and conducted a telephone survey of writing needs of Information Services employees.
Curriculum DesignDesigned and developed new leader training program, including peer coaching, group coaching and multiple, blended-learning modules.
Designed and developed global banker Step Up to Lead curriculum, including integration of assessments and regional variations for audiences.
Designed automobile manufacturer's leadership curriculum, which included six programs.
Designed fashion brand Core Curriculum in support of overall leadership competencies, culture initiatives and performance management processes.
Designed electric and gas company supervisory curriculum, a three-year, 12 module initiative.
Designed parts' store manager, supervisor, and executive curricula, with new modules each year for four years.
Instructional DesignDesigned and developed all materials, facilitator guides and participant resources for internal, regional leaders to conduct training on compliance policies.
Designed and developed ready-to-wear brand team leadership series program, including all branded materials.
Designed and delivered pharmaceutical company's Inclusive Leader program in support of corporate initiative on diversity and inclusion.
Created biotech VP Empowerment program, including all global communication.
Designed Strategic Area Management program, including simulation and integration of technical, company-specific modules.
Designed retailer's Enhanced Performance Management program.
Developed retailer's Director of Stores Sponsor Training program.
Designed hospital's Managing for Excellent Outcomes program.
Materials Design and PublishingDesigned retailer's Brand On-Boarding Process materials including pre-work package, toolkit, and in-stores work day materials and process.
Designed beauty brand's Core Communication Skills job prompts.
Designed and produced financial IT company's Leadership Principles Development Guide and Feedback Guide.
Designed and produced Conflict and Feedback toolkits.
Assessment DesignDeveloped leadership simulations for two levels of leadership at global auto manufacturer.
Customized and developed multi-language 360 surveys for more than 40 companies in manufacturing, retail, financial services, healthcare, publishing and more.
Built customized Inclusive Leadership assessment.
Developed sales call simulation for communications company sales representatives.
Developer and owner of Interaction Style® Self-Profiles and Guidebooks (visit to order).
Distributor of predictive performance instrument, Harrison Assessment
e-Learning and Blended SolutionsDeveloped a SCORM-compliant self-paced learning modules, online tools, and facilitated The Skillful Leader workshop for a global not-for-profit organization.
Developed Management Mastery I and II programs including integration of self-paced learning, 360 feedback video self-paced learning and on-the-job project work.
Designed and developed first-ever virtual university programs, including online blogging using internal-facebook technology for global leadership development industry leader.

Sample Curriculum Design