Service Offerings

At PPS International Limited, we offer a variety of products and services, including assessments, training programs, facilitation, and coaching services for clients large and small. Our instructional design services allow us to focus on creating the most robust, practical development solutions possible, often using blended, learning technology. We offer worldwide consulting and implementation of training using local resources through our SyNet group, ensuring that as we partner to rollout your project, it is consistently delivered.

Facilitation Services

Facilitation services are useful for those who have existing teams dealing with conflict, dysfunction or teams that are just starting who need to get off to a clear and purposeful start. Facilitation services are also useful to gain alignment among senior leaders, introduce changes to organizations, make decisions between departments and even to aid in rolling out communication.

Training and Development Programs

We have an extensive offering of training programs covering topics such as leadership, management, professional skills, Human Resources consulting and sales. These programs follow a skill-building methodology that builds involvement, commitment and ability to create lasting behavioral change. All programs are based on real business experiences and combine lectures, skill demonstrations, interactive activities, role-plays and feedback to ensure participants embrace new behaviors. In addition, we offer experiential learning programs. We also offer training solutions that are designed for internal consultants or HR Professionals with training experience who want pre-developed, proven solutions—branded to their own organizations.

Instructional Design Services

PPS International Limited offers instructional design services to create custom programs to fit your needs. Using a systematic design methodology, we analyze the learner and content, design a training strategy, develop training materials and evaluate results for improvement.

Learning Technology

We can develop online training, learning videos utilizing multimedia formats. The key to our success is that our learning technology team members are instructional designers, with media development—not programmers or videographers lacking knowledge of adult-learning principles. This ensures that you get a solution based on training needs—not the latest technology gizmo. And, we use sound instructional design principals in all our media development.

SyNet GroupSyNet Web Icon 2

We are founding members of SyNet, a global network of consultants who partner in order to deliver to international clients. Through this well-developed and proven network, we support implementation of training, assessments and coaching across the globe, with ability to deliver in more than 10 languages, in countries in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Our international trainers are multilingual and speak fluent English. Our project briefings and certification programs ensure our clients will have consistency, quality and return on investment regardless of where their project is implemented.