Ai1ec_event | Free Mini-Certification for Interaction Style Self-Profiles

Free Mini-Certification for Interaction Style Self-Profiles

October 24, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
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HR Leaders, Training Managers and Facilitators are often asked by their internal and external clients to intervene and help navigate differences within teams. Sometimes, rapport is missing between leaders and customers, employees, peers and managers. Sometimes the way in which people deliver messages results in unfavorable outcomes. And, team members and leaders miss opportunities to capitalize on employee strengths because they may not recognize them.

The Interaction Style® Self-Profile and Guidebook tool has been introduced to thousands of individuals and teams by their HR, Training and Facilitation experts who are helping them improve the outcome of critical business situations, the sales process, problem solving sessions, customer service levels and individual development goals.

By enrolling and participating in the mini-certification webinar, you will receive one Interaction Style® Self-Profile and Guidebook set to determine your own style, as well as access to an agenda you can use to lead an Interaction Style in Action discussion with your own group.

Kelly Fairbairn will facilitate this mini-certification webinar. Kelly is President of PPS International Limited and a Director-Interaction Style—so you can be sure she will stay on task and end the webinar on time. You can learn more about Interaction Styles at