Competency Modeling & Success Profiles

Loosely based on the DACUM process from the University of Ohio, Competency Creation is a facilitated process that has been used successfully by PPS International Limited, a SyNet member organization, to outline, analyze, and create job profiles and competencies and use them to create consistent learning content for training programs, performance management interventions, and job aids. PPS International Limited developed the Curriculum Creation process to shorten development time, compile accurate data about job competencies, work processes, and most importantly, create buy in and support for training. By using the Curriculum Creation process, the client-organization’s members drive content, almost guaranteeing that once communicated or taught, the information will be used.

The process is used when:

  • The need for buy in and support of the initiative is critical.
  • Processes and roles across the organization are inconsistent and need to be consistent.
  • Large-scale initiatives are about to be implemented and the stakeholders want to reduce the risk of “falling down” on implementation because of poor communication and expectations.
  • Program experts and stakeholders are available for a limited amount of time.

The Competency Creation process includes:

  1. Identifying key client stakeholders who are representative of the target competency group and client organization. If the organization has different locations, PPS International Limited recommends that at least one member from each location, business unit, or division be present for the Competency Creation session. Other criteria for selection includes being an influential stakeholder or subject matter expert.
  2. Sending out a Competency Creation pre-work packet that includes the purpose, agenda, and input desired from participants.
  3. Holding a Competency Creation session. The length of time for the session is determined by the content, number of session members, and availability of facilitators.
  4. At the session, a Competency Creation-certified facilitator uses a systematic process to derive competencies, program content, map processes, gain agreement, and identify communication and learning pitfalls while a record keeper captures all the data from the group.
  5. After the session, the Competency Creation facilitator and record keeper generate the competencies, content analysis, which includes all agreed upon content, participant profiles, and cultural profiles.

In addition, the process can be completed using a structured interview process, which mirrors the steps above, but is handled through interviews with “star” performers and those below where the organization wants them to be. Essentially, this process takes longer to complete because the process is conducted individual by individual.