PPS International Limited offers assessments and inventories including Interaction Style self-profiles to measure behaviors style preferences, the Lockwood Leadership Assessment multi-rater (360 instrument) and team performance surveys and many, many more. We are also distributors of the Organizational Savvy assessment, Harrison Assessment (job fit profile), Hogan Leadership Series, eQui and more.

The first step in creating outstanding performance is to determine where you are currently. We accomplish this in a variety of ways. Climate surveys help establish a baseline of attitudes, opinions and morale. Multi-rater (sometimes called 360-degree reviews) gauge the results and means by which individuals are achieving results. Instruments determine the style preferences individuals possess. All of these assessments and surveys are available to clients interested in measuring the performance of individuals and organizations. Beyond that, feedback tools are a way of gathering performance-related information and providing it to others so that they can monitor and adjust their own performance.

Lockwood Leadership Assessment (360°Multi-Rater)

Feedback is a critical component of both learning and improving performance whether for an individual or a group. Leaders who seek out feedback gain insights into personal strengths and development opportunities. This inventory is available in generic formats for supervisors, managers, HR Managers, and senior executives. It is also available in a variety of languages including German, English and Spanish.

The Lockwood Leadership Assessment multi-rater feedback instrument, unlike most instruments of this kind, is simple to use and customize. Data can be collected via the internet, which eliminates the need for paper and pencil administration and also ensures confidentiality and accuracy.

Interaction Style Profile®

Leaders and team members must consistently communicate and work with people who have a variety of ways of working. The Interaction Style Profile® provides insight into preferences and how flexible in behaviors individuals are.

Seventy-five percent of the people we deal with are different than ourselves. It is important to be flexible and tailor speech, body language, and approach so that others become more open to listen and accept ideas. This is especially important in critical business situations, such as when you are selling, problem solving, working on a team or providing customer service.

When you can spot cues and subtle differences in the way people behave, you can effectively deal with team members, employees, peers and customers.

Team Success Questionnaire

The Team Success Questionnaire is a multi-rater survey that can be implemented as part of team interventions and team building sessions. When used to plan interventions and team sessions, the results report provides team leaders and members with information about how the overall team is performing in areas such as clarity of role, motivation, alignment, and handling of conflict. One report is generated for the entire team—allowing for group debriefing and strategizing. Can be customized and aligns well with many popular team models.

See a Sample of a Team Success Questionnaire (Team 360) output report.

Online Training Needs Assessment

The Online Training Needs Assessment questionnaire is useful for those who are responsible for planning Talent Development activities including workshops, coaching and technical training. This questionnaire provides training and development coordinators, managers, and other learning professionals with a way to collect information about the specific training needs for individuals, groups, and roles. Many clients use this tool on an annual basis as a way to narrow plans and allocate budgets for development.

Learn more about this Off-the-Shelf Training Needs Assessment.

Sales Call Simulation

The LLI Sales Call Simulation provides sales representatives with effectiveness feedback based on observable behaviors and creates developmental plans based on the simulations and assessments. This simulation summarizes group simulation results into behavioral patterns so that Sales Managers and Executives can use the information to better provide on-the-job coaching and feedback. Individual coaching is also available as needed to target high-income-on-return areas.

Harrison Assessment (environment and work preferences)

The Harrison Assessment helps recruiters find prospective employees who meet job requirements and are comfortable in the corporate culture. The information collected with the Harrison Assessment can be valuable in several areas:

  • Pre-employment testing to determine job suitability
  • Executive coaching and development
  • Training needs assessment for individuals

Other Assessments

  • Discovery Learning Decision Making Profile
  • Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic 2.0
  • EQ-i
  • Hogan Leadership Series
  • Insights Discovery
  • MBTI
  • Organizational Savvy