Assessments and Programs

Our priority is to be a resource for your success in developing the talent of your organization. 

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From full-scale assessment centers, to individual inventories of skills, we offer a broad range of assessments that can be used to gauge the development needs of individuals, teams and leaders.

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Training Programs

Our instructional designers have created training programs that offer your organization out-of-the-box learning that has been tested in the real-world and evaluated by experts: the participants.

Toggle the sections below to view our training programs by position. Download a Program Matrix for quick reference.

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Interaction Style® Profiles

Seventy-five percent of the people with whom we deal have preferences different from our own. It is important to be flexible and tailor speech, body language and approach so that others become more open to listen and accept ideas. Learn More

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Our coaching process is structured to accelerate executive learning curves. In a one-on-one or small group setting, participants set goals, uncover challenges, leverage strengths and create actionable plans for professional efficiency and effectiveness. Learn More

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To facilitate means “to make easy.” Our expert facilitators can assist teams in working more effectively, help senior leadership teams become more aligned, and help groups make decisions and improvements. Learn More

Get your Interaction Style Self-Profiles and Guidebook Sets here. Available in fourteen languages.