About Us

We are a company that develops leaders. When you consider that there are approximately 209,000 training professionals in the United States and that about one in four businesses outsource their training to these professionals, it’s hard to say we are unique; but we are.

One of the world’s largest companies instituted a several-year project to analyze their training. They discovered that across their worldwide businesses, they offered close to 265 different training programs on leadership alone! Now, this same company has only 15 programs—and we provide two of them. Our core communication model is used in nearly every one of their leadership courses. And, our behavior-style model, Interaction Styles®, is their global standard, beating out DiSC®, Social Styles and Myers-Briggs® to name a few.

Three things keep us on the “short list” with all our clients:

  1. We don’t teach theory, we teach skills. Our content is practical, usable and repeatable. Participants practice in class on real situations, they see how using the skills improves their effectiveness. Because of this they are more likely to change their behavior on the job, which is ultimately the reasons employers train.
  2. Our trainers actually use the skills that they teach. Every trainer in our network integrates our skills into their everyday lives and become so proficient at them that they can conduct live demonstrations in the classroom, using the participants’ situations. Huge credibility!
  3. We don’t do everything. We have focus. While some training firms offer training in all areas, we have the narrow few of leadership, interpersonal, and sales skills. Also, because our clients love the way we consult, we offer training to a limited few on internal consulting for HR and Training professionals.

We are PPS International Limited. With offices in the United States and affiliates worldwide, we provide organizations a ready source for improving business performance by improving the results of their people.

Our clients—like our consultants—come from all backgrounds. We serve clients from industries such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, publishing, utilities, telecommunications, service, municipalities and education, to name a few. We are proud to support the Talent Management and Training Leaders of organizations including:

AvangridAjinomotoBAE Systems

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