6 Ways Training and Development Professionals Support Organizations

Fall is often a time we review and begin planning for the next year. As your organization is making plans for the upcoming year it’s important to take a comprehensive look at the ways different individuals can support your company. If you have internal training and development professionals, as you’re considering ways to enhance or improve the programs you will offer in the coming year, be sure you review these top six areas that training and development professionals implement to support organizations.

Infographic detailing the areas of supported offered by training and development professionals. These areas are detailed in the text below.

Top 6 Areas of Support That Training and Development Professionals Implement

  1. Competencies and Success Profiles
    Identifying and creating success profiles ensuring they are simple, prioritized and specific to critical roles now and for the future. 
  2. Assessments
    Setting up and administering pre-employment tests, style-preference inventories, 360 feedback, simulations, observation checklists and engagement surveys. 
  3. Local & Global Facilitation
    Implementing leadership, management, sales, team communication and HR consulting training- sometimes in multiple languages, worldwide. 
  4. Designing Learning Solutions
    Designing blended learning solutions using classroom, video and web, social networking, webinars, simulations and project-based learning. 
  5. Succession Planning
    Establishing succession-planning and knowledge-transfer processes, identifying critical positions, communicating to candidates and planning development.
  6. Executive Coaching & Alignment
    Implementing executive development plans that capitalize on strengths and fill skill and experience gaps. Facilitating senior teams to ensure alignment.

Download our quick reference guide outlining these six areas of support. If your organization is looking for additional resources or facilitators to enhance your current efforts in any of these areas, PPS offers practical, usable and repeatable methods to teach your employees skills they can implement to help improve the performance of your business.


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