Wellness @ Work: Exercise

Welcome to the second part in our Wellness at Work series, focusing on exercise.

Now, we aren’t saying to replace your suits with tracksuits just yet. But incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a good thing to start thinking about.

In order to be resilient when the long days set in, you must counteract it with strength. Incorporating a morning workout is one idea, but, also remember to stay active throughout the day. Taking frequent breaks to take a walk and move around, taking the stairs over the elevator or as simple as standing while taking a phone call. If nothing else, live by the 55/5 rule, that for every 55 minutes of sitting or inactivity, there should be 5 minutes of activity or movement. This will help break up the stress response in our body and allows the body to recharge and recover.

Need some more inspiration? See some simple stretches (you can do at your desk!) below.

Want to incorporate some ideas that are office wide? Turn an hour long meeting into a 15-minute standing meeting, encourage others to take a break for lunch or think about your office layout to increase mobility.

This post is the second part in a three-part series on Wellness @ Work, highlighting the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle as part of a successful career. Contact us to learn more about our Lifestyle and Assessment Coaching packages that can help you make this change in your life.