How Strong Are Your Pillars of Wellbeing?

It is well-known that how we manage stress, whether or not we regularly exercise and the amount and quality of sleep we get all greatly affect our wellbeing and therefore our resiliency. These are common factors in our overall health. But now, we can approach our wellbeing in a broader way by considering the three pillars of wellbeing: stimulation, activity and recovery. How do you know how you are doing in these areas? A quick wellbeing inventory will tell you.

Wellbeing Inventory

Things that contribute to your STIMULATION level include:

  • How frequently you multi-task
  • How challenging you find your work
  • How clear you are on expectations
  • How well your role aligns with your preferences
  • How you communicate
  • Your inner drivers and motivators

Things that contribute to your ACTIVITY level include:

  • How many steps you take in a day
  • How often you engage in structured workouts
  • The duration of time you spend sitting during an hour and day
  • How often you stretch
  • How often you raise and sustain your heart rate

Things that contribute to your REST include:

  • How many hours of sleep you achieve each day
  • How deep your sleep cycle is
  • How consistent your rest routine is from day-to-day
  • How much blue light you take in
  • Your travel across time zones

Want a more comprehensive view of how your lifestyle is supporting or undermining your wellbeing? Consider a Lifestyle Assessment.

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