What Are the Pillars of Wellbeing @ Work?

For many of us, summer is winding down and the availability to take vacation or use the sun to get some extra vitamin D are coming to a close. But, does the self-care that comes with giving ourselves time to relax have to end as well? Our resiliency and professional wellbeing depend upon us paying attention to self-care.

When we stop taking care of ourselves, we lose the resiliency to recover quickly especially in the face of difficulties and problems. Our ability to bounce back matters to our organizations, our employees, and most importantly, ourselves.

So, how exactly do you build resiliency? Most of us know the answer, although we often overlook taking our own advice: decrease stress, find time to exercise and make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep. This translates into the three pillars of wellness: stimulation, activity and recovery.

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