The Cascading Effect of Leaders Who Take Care of Themselves

Combatting stress and building more activity into your day are two crucial steps to wellbeing and becoming more resilient, but who really reaps the benefits?

When you take care of wellbeing, you increase your efficiency, better manage problems and change and produce higher-quality, more innovative results. Great for you, but also great for your employer.

Leaders who manage their own wellbeing tend to be leaders who develop resiliency in their staff—creating a cascade of productivity and creativity. These leaders support employees who have greater longevity, increased performance, greater output capacity and fewer unplanned days off (sick days).

Cultivating a workplace that fosters such an environment isn’t always easy. (We can help) But, to start, you can learn more about best practices in wellbeing.

Want to delve deeper than the basics? Check these out these in-depth resources:

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