Wellness @ Work: Stress

Wellness is something we think about when we want to improve ourselves: get sleep, exercise and cope with stress. But, what we lack in balance in our personal lives greatly impacts what happens in the office.

We should not only care about this as employees, but, also as employers and thought-leaders within our company. We invite you to join us on our three-part wellness series, taking a deeper look into how and why taking care of ourselves and employees will lead to positive results for both people and business.

Stress: it seems inevitable that sometimes things may get a bit stressful in the busy times. It has been found that 65% of workers said that workplace stress had caused difficulties and more than 10% described these as having major effects. Don’t let that be you.

Using stress relief methods such as mindfulness activities are ways to relieve tension within the moment and defuse a situation. Keeping a stress ball at your desk can be an immediate fix, but also going for a walk, taking a few deep breaths or even taking a few minutes and playing a game on your phone are methods to help you destress, refocus and get back to work.

This post is the first part in a three-part series on Wellness @ Work, highlighting the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle as part of a successful career. Contact us to learn more about our Lifestyle and Assessment Coaching packages that can help you make this change in your life.